A reference project, the literary prize involved schools from all over Brazil stimulating the habit of reading among students and contributing to the formation of educators. Pioneer, the platform has boosted the involvement of public and private sector education institutions from 2000 to 2006.

Based on important masterpieces of Brazilian literature, “Viagem Nestlé pela Literatura” (Nestlé Journey in Literature) addressed the problem of functional illiteracy in a playful and enriching way.

The teachers of each school encouraged their students, through workshops proposed by the program, to participate on classes, write exercises and hold debates on curent issues. At the end of each edition, the best essays were awarded and great MPB artists led the party such as Carlinhos Brown, Lenine, Zélia Duncan, Luciana Mello, among others.



100,000 schools attended

+ 500,000 children reached

+ 200,000 trained teachers

Luciana Mello
Viagem Nestlé pela Literatura
Viagem Nestlé pela Literatura
Viagem Nestlé pela Literatura
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