A pioneer in the artistic segment, Dançar Marketing has revolutionized the Brazilian dance scene since its beginning, with Dançar Magazine and, subsequently, promoting the development and growth of art in the country. It participated actively, from 1983 to 1991, in the creation of several dance festivals, among them, “Joinville Dance Festival”.

Conceived and directed by Pedro Bianco, Dançar Marketing’s CEO, in conjunction with Mr. Carlos Tafur and Dona Albertina (Joinville Cultural House), the Festival had its first edition in July 1983, at Teatro da Sociedade Harmonia Lyra, with a small body of judges and a few participating groups, hosted by families in the city.

At a time when there were no social media and the internet was not very accessible, Dançar Magazine, the unique periodical specialized in dance at that time, played an essential role, which was widely disseminating and propagating the Festival.

Currently, “Joinville Dance Festival” gathers more than 7.000 direct participants and attracts an audience of more than 230.000 people during its eleven days of activities. The expressive numbers yielded the quote for “The World’s Greatest Dance Festival” in the Guinness Book, a title hold by Joinville since 2005.









Guinness Book: “The World’s Greatest Dance Festival” 

+ 7,000 artists engaged in

+ 230,000 audience

Festival de Dança de Joinville
Cecilia Kecher
Festival de Dança de Joinville
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