In 2010, Dançar Marketing held three unprecedented free jazz shows, with a mix of styles and a session of national and international cultures with the curatorship by Anna Maria Kiefer.

The proposal was to enrich the city’s cultural program and turn jazz shows more accessible to the population. Mutrib Gipsy Jazz Band, a São Paulo band formed by Gabriel Levy (accordion), MA3 – Mário Afonso III (flutes, sax and clarinet), Roberto Angerosa, Valéria Zeidan, Éder “O” Rocha and Douglas Felis (percussionists) performed with Deivid Peleje (tuba) and American clarinetist and saxophonist Stewart Mennin. Award-winning Ivan Vilela e Trio also performed alongside Swiss guitarist and saxophonist Thomas Rohrer. To close the series, Neymar Dias Quarteto played alongside French drummer François Morin.




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