Brazil’s most prestigious magazine in decor, design, architecture and lifestyle, Casa Vogue celebrated its 33 years with a dinner at Leopolldo restaurant in São Paulo followed by an exclusive show from Diana Krall. Held by Dançar Marketing in 2008, the celebration brought together the best architects and decorators from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, who experienced an unforgettable night with good music and delicacies prepared by one of the most renowned chefs of the country. With a design signed by Jorge Elias (one of the most renowned and famous architects in Brazil), the party brought together 500 people among the main figures from the architectural, decoration and design scene. Celebrities such as Beto Galvez, Pride Picarelli, Cris Saddi, João Armentano, Gustavo Von Há, Wanda Jacinto, Gilberto Miranda, Carolina Andraus, Luis Gelpi, Carola Diniz, among others came to the festivity.



















1 concert performed

+ 4 artists engaged in

+ 500 guests

Diana Krall
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